Sunday, May 16



Freelance Writing and Article Investment

You’ve probably come across these familiar sites, but what exactly are they? Helium and Associated Content are writing communities that pay writers for the content that they’ve uploaded. Basically, you upload your article content (exclusive or non-exclusive, depending on its publishing status) and get paid by the traffic that it generates. What a great way for freelance writers and bloggers to earn some cash! Sounds too good to be true? Err…yes and no. Too Good to be True Uploading your articles to Helium and Associated Content is a fairly straightfoward process: you type in or paste your article in the field provided, fill in the appropriate information, hit submit, and off you go (AC has an approval period for fresh providers, though). The articles you’ve uploaded earn mo

Definitive tools for Freelance Writing and Blogging

The Unjob has been operational for a little over two months now, and in that short span of time we’ve made strides in getting the word out about freelance writing in our own little way. Although we’re certainly below the level of influence that other more popular and experienced freelance blogs command (all of which we enjoy reading, by the way), we’re extremely pleased with our current reader base who are mostly individuals wanting to take the big dive to freelance writing and career blogging. The best part about writing for The Unjob in my opinion is that we get to have an audience with would be freelancers as well as veterans in the form of successful bloggers and writers in the biosphere. I assume you’re here because you’re at least mildly interested at writing and the fre