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12 Questions Answered About App Reviews

Find complementary colors or shades. I can even match colors to the flowers in our backyard, for our sunroom. Thank you, Benjamin Moore, for making great paints and now this awesome app! This is a great app for identifying buy app store ratings potential paint colors from an inspirational photo. It does not, nor was it designed to, match colors, although the latest version is greatly improved in the area of color accuracy. I have enjoyed developing color palettes from photographs and then sharing them on Facebook. If you spend a little time learning how to use it I am sure you will find it fun and useful. This app is cool. Doesn't come close to the color but gives you a bearing. If you really want a exact match you need to bring in a sample to your Benjamin Moore store and they can do i...
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How I Improved My APP STORE In One Easy Lesson

This is now a magazine that has interactive content that other magazines do not have, it is only .99 cents an issue at the subscription rate top aso companies .Thanks for making the font size a bit bigger for my iPad mini. Much clearer to read for this 40-something dude. Love the more serious tech explorations from Rik Myslewski especially. Thanks!" I like the balanced and complete analysis of Apples products especially in the IOS arena. Also appreciate the tips and how to articles from other IOS device users that usually reveal something that I was not aware of that can be utilized in my daily use of the iPhone/ iPad. And I absolutely love having the regular articles by Kevin McNeish on coding IOS for non programmers. For me this section justifies my subscription to this great magazine...
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The art (and science) of procrastination

Having all the time in my life can be problematic. A freelancer and self-confessed procrastinator such as myself runs amok without a manager or boss to render discipline on tardiness and 3-hour lunch breaks. Still, I don’t want to go back to the office for a more organized life. I love my chaotic schedule and abstract sense of time. A new concept of time In Alvin Toffler’s The Third Wave, he said that the value of punctuality and our linear concept of time were actually brought about to fit the way we worked in the industrial age. Being on time was essential because one person’s inefficiency affected the whole system (such as in a factory where things operated like clock-work). In a digital workplace where businesses and freelancers are electronically co

Freelance Writing and Article Investment

You’ve probably come across these familiar sites, but what exactly are they? Helium and Associated Content are writing communities that pay writers for the content that they’ve uploaded. Basically, you upload your article content (exclusive or non-exclusive, depending on its publishing status) and get paid by the traffic that it generates. What a great way for freelance writers and bloggers to earn some cash! Sounds too good to be true? Err…yes and no. Too Good to be True Uploading your articles to Helium and Associated Content is a fairly straightfoward process: you type in or paste your article in the field provided, fill in the appropriate information, hit submit, and off you go (AC has an approval period for fresh providers, though). The articles you’ve uploaded earn mo

Definitive tools for Freelance Writing and Blogging

The Unjob has been operational for a little over two months now, and in that short span of time we’ve made strides in getting the word out about freelance writing in our own little way. Although we’re certainly below the level of influence that other more popular and experienced freelance blogs command (all of which we enjoy reading, by the way), we’re extremely pleased with our current reader base who are mostly individuals wanting to take the big dive to freelance writing and career blogging. The best part about writing for The Unjob in my opinion is that we get to have an audience with would be freelancers as well as veterans in the form of successful bloggers and writers in the biosphere. I assume you’re here because you’re at least mildly interested at writing and the fre
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The ultimate Mac book fan quick fix

I’ve been having this fan problem for months already! My macbook’s fan just konks out intermittently, and as of late hasn’t been working since April. I had this sent to our local Apple center, but they didn’t even replace the fan because they said it was working when they opened it up! So anyway, since today’s a national holiday here in the Philippines I decided that I’d take my macbook back to the Apple center to finally have it replaced. After backing up all my files for The Unjob and other stuff (I was preparing myself for the temporary switch down to the most terrible OS of all time: Vista), I googled for some last minute fan info. Mind you, I surfed for all possible solutions in the past, even checking out some disassembling instructions in case I could do it myself (obviously

The pursuit of creativity, in five stages

At times, when pressure mounts and you have to meet impossible deadlines, you set creativity aside and take the easy way out; you revert to clichés, breeziness, and other cheap tricks. After awhile, it becomes a habit and your integrity as a writer wavers. You become a hack. While the exact formula for creativity remains elusive, learning when, where, and how you are in the various stages of the creative process will help you get “in the zone” when you need to, and with practice, bring inspiration within your reach to get you out of that dreaded mediocre rut (or rot). There are generally five stages in the creative process: First Insight, Saturation, Incubation, Illumination, and Verification. The duration for each phase may vary, depending on the person, the id