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App reviews



Many factors influence an individual app's success. From the app's content to its features and performance, users can quickly discover your app is also essential. So how can you make your app's visibility more? The answer is in providing your app store optimisation services. It helps in giving your app visibility by optimising it and gaining more potential users. While launching your app in both the app stores seems to be a good idea. You should also know how to work with both the app stores to make most of it. This helps you stand first in the search results. In the articles we'll be giving you few tips on boosting app store optimisation android: Google play store is a key tool for users to find android apps. Store listings and optimizing its performance is the key f...

Why Mobile App Reviews Are Important?

Mobile app reviews are arguably the most honest pieces of criticism that you can get on your app. Mobile app reviews are the reason why the app developer gets to know what the customer wants and what can be done to enhance the user experience any further. To get a grip of it, an app developer always puts an option for the user to review it. It might be prompted sometime just after the user has downloaded the app, or might be a few days later when the user has been using the app for quite some hours and has explored most of it. Why are mobile app reviews important? Mobile app reviews are important for the following reasons: Improves app visibility: If an app has a large number of positive reviews, people will favour that app over other apps. You can argue all that you want to...

Ways that most app developers use to boost their iOS app reviews

Hello to all or any the app developers reading this text . we've covered tons of topics through our articles, many of which were focused on app performance and therefore the impact of app reviews and ratings on the performance of the app. this text is supposed to speak about the impact app reviews have and therefore the problems that occur within the app store. So without taking much time, allow us to head on the most issue. The App store and therefore the issues originating There are around 1.5 million apps within the iOS App Store alone and this number goes on increasing with each passing time. It’s no surprise that this number is probably going to succeed in 3 million or maybe more by the top of 2020. Developers know of this and that they quite understand the competition that they'r

Increase downloads through app reviews

Today, app stores are flooded with apps. With quite 5 million apps in total, the app market is really bursting with numerous options available to settle on from. Even it's said that each single app has quite hundred alternatives within the market. With this wide selection of app available ahead of users , how do they decide which one is that the best? People need a touch help regarding this very decision, and this is often where reviews and ratings inherit play to form it easier for them. the aim of a review or a rating is to reflect what proportion a user enjoyed the app, in words or during a number. Reviews also helps in increasing the amount of potential users of an app because it develops a trust for the app in mind of the users. As if your app has 5-star rating than it means the app i...