Wednesday, February 21

Why Mobile App Reviews Are Important?

Mobile app reviews are arguably the most honest pieces of criticism that you can get on your app. Mobile app reviews are the reason why the app developer gets to know what the customer wants and what can be done to enhance the user experience any further. To get a grip of it, an app developer always puts an option for the user to review it. It might be prompted sometime just after the user has downloaded the app, or might be a few days later when the user has been using the app for quite some hours and has explored most of it.

Why are mobile app reviews important?

Mobile app reviews are important for the following reasons:

  • Improves app visibility: If an app has a large number of positive reviews, people will favour that app over other apps. You can argue all that you want to – but the app must be doing something right to garner a large number of positive reviews. To be noted, positive reviews and negative reviews go hand in hand. Let’s say there are 17 5-star reviews and 3 3-star reviews on an app. The average rating of the app comes out to be 4.7 stars. If you want your app to have a rating of 4.8 and above, you will need 10 more positive reviews. More the number of positive reviews on your app, the more it will be recommended to people.
  • Improves revenue: This is not a surprising thing at all. Many apps offer premium versions to their customers. Premium version mostly unlocks additional features, but it often involves just the removal of ads for an uninterrupted user experience. If your app’s premium version is a great upgrade over the normal, then with each successful premium upgrade you can prompt your customer to leave reviews for the app. When the customer is happy, there are more chances of them leaving reviews. 
  • Boosts Conversion Rates: Mobile app reviews help in increasing your conversion rate as well. One great tip to boost your conversion rate is to respond to the reviews. Many people give ‘conditional reviews’ – if you improve some feature or add some feature, they will increase their rating, and if you really do so, they keep their side of the promise too! If you respond to positive as well as negative reviews, the new users who will stumble upon your page will feel that you really care about the user experience and consumer base.
  • Let’s you know! – The last reason, but definitely not the least important reason – buy app reviews help the developer understand the demand of the market. Critical reviews help you know what kind of features are loved and what features don’t work that well and what features people would like to see!

Mobile app reviews should always be appreciated as they can be considered to be the window to the customer’s soul! Every form of encouragement must be provided, to provoke the feeling that their opinions really matter, and then, if plausible, appropriate steps must be taken for improvement!

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