Tuesday, January 31

12 Questions Answered About App Reviews

Find complementary colors or shades. I can even match colors to the flowers in our backyard, for our sunroom. Thank you, Benjamin Moore, for making great paints and now this awesome app! This is a great app for identifying buy app store ratings potential paint colors from an inspirational photo. It does not, nor was it designed to, match colors, although the latest version is greatly improved in the area of color accuracy. I have enjoyed developing color palettes from photographs and then sharing them on Facebook. If you spend a little time learning how to use it I am sure you will find it fun and useful.

This app is cool. Doesn’t come close to the color but gives you a bearing. If you really want a exact match you need to bring in a sample to your Benjamin Moore store and they can do it on a spectrometer. I did just that and I got what I wanted. The boxes couldn’t do what Benjamin Moore could. Price was high for paint but boy did there’s cover better than bear paint. They have this aura paint that was awesome.

I read all the negative reviews, but decided to download it anyway – it’s free, so what do I have to lose? Just as the reviews say, it defaults to a totally different color. As I was closing out of it (to delete the app) I accidentally touched a section of my image, and the color picker immediately changed to that exact color!!! I touched a different part of the picture – and Voila – the color picket changed again! They really need to explain that you have to touch the area of the image that you are trying to match after it gives you that default Grey. Great app!

“I’m a digital artist and my wife is an interior designer. I downloaded this for her on her phone. This is a great app for getting your color in the general area. It’s easy to either select an existing photo or take a new one to sample a color for your palette. To expect it to do anything more then that is unreasonable. Specifically expecting to take a picture of an existing wall and using that to get an exact color match paint. I want to dispel that, and a few other criticisms that were unfair.

First, you can not take a android buy reviews photo with a $50 camera (the one in your iphone) and expect it to be color accurate. NEVER. It’s a cheap camera. You would need, minimum a $3000 camera to accurately capture color. And even then, color looks radically different depending on the light that’s hitting it. Warm sun, cool LED, Tungsten, etc. Without ripping a section of the wall off and putting it under calibrated lighting setup, you will never get a digital image that accurately represents the NEUTRAL color of paint on the wall. Don’t blame the app for not matching the color wall with the low quality reference you feed into it.

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