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Android app reviews and installs.

If you have a good application and want it to be visible to the potential users in the app stores. At that point, reviews and ratings become more valuable. Reviews and ratings can convey how good the app is! Also, the search engine algorithm considers reviews of an application for its search result rank. 

Having said that, we also need to consider the present day scenario. There are more than 2 million apps in Google Play Store and Apple Store combined. Each and every application is competing for visibility in the concerned app stores. App Store Optimisation or ASO incorporates numerous strategies to optimize the app for the search engine results. This method is organic and time taking.  

It has been observed that the reviews and the ratings of an application are able to help the same rank higher in search results. As discussed earlier, reviews and ratings operate as real-time customer feedback. More importantly, the potential users trust the reviews while considering the app.

It is hence wise to get more and more reviews and ratings for your application. But consider a situation where you have a new application! All the ASO efforts would work with the time and you need the app to be visible for the best possible outcome. A simple solution would be having numerous reviews and ratings for the app. This would help in ranking too. Be as it may, there are more than a million apps to compete. And getting reviews is not so easy. 

As such the developers need to consider buying android reviews. Once you buy android reviews the ranking of the application improves and it becomes more visible to the potential clients.

How to get started?

If you are looking to buy android reviews or app review services then the question is how to select the right platform! At the moment, there are numerous ways to get app reviews both paid and unpaid. 

But when you buy android reviews you need to watch out certain factors.

  • The concerned app reviews services agency must be well-reputed. You must check the feedback it has.
  •  The pricing of the service should be reasonable and also the delivery time.
  • The provided 5-star app reviews should be genuine or organic. By no means, the policies of the app store can be overlooked. 


What to do in the long run?

You have opted for a very good agency, the reviews are organic and delivered timely. Now it is time to think about the future! Reviews and ratings are now making your application visible to the users. At this point, you need to understand your target audience. 

Understanding the audience involves the analysis of their general interaction with your app. What attracts them and what doesn’t! As soon as the app gets discovered by new users useful feedback can be obtained. These feedbacks need to be treated with proper respect and attention. A quick reply can go a long way in building up a relationship with the users.


To compete with millions of applications in the app store only having a good application is not enough. Your application needs to be visible too. Potential users trust the reviews and the ratings. Also, the app stores’ algorithm takes into account the number of reviews present in the app. As such, the ranking of an application in the search results can go up if the reviews and ratings are in numbers. This brings us to the conclusion that an application needs reviews and ratings to initially compete.

Furthermore, after a potential user comes to your app page the reviews play a significant part in convincing an install. Whatever may be the case, reviews and ratings are valuable. In practice, it is not easy to get reviews fast. So, developers opt for buying android reviews. They hire certain Android Review services. There is no doubt that the application gets a better rank after reviews are provided in numbers.

But the selection of the appropriate app review agency is vital. The past record and the approach of the same needs to be considered. The most important factor would be whether genuine reviews are provided or not!. After the app is more visible to the users all you need to do is develop a healthy relationship with your new users.

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