Tuesday, January 31

The ultimate Mac book fan quick fix

I’ve been having this fan problem for months already! My macbook’s fan just konks out intermittently, and as of late hasn’t been working since April. I had this sent to our local Apple center, but they didn’t even replace the fan because they said it was working when they opened it up!

So anyway, since today’s a national holiday here in the Philippines I decided that I’d take my macbook back to the Apple center to finally have it replaced. After backing up all my files for The Unjob and other stuff (I was preparing myself for the temporary switch down to the most terrible OS of all time: Vista), I googled for some last minute fan info. Mind you, I surfed for all possible solutions in the past, even checking out some disassembling instructions in case I could do it myself (obviously, I couldn’t). I came across this genius vid from Youtube which was only added last June 18. I know there are other people out there with the same problem as me and who probably haven’t come across it yet, so here it is:

At first I thought it was just plain crazy, what with the instructions that the creator had to clench your fists, but since I was totally desperate and with nothing to lose, I gave it a shot. Surprise surprise, the fan started working after a few seconds of relentless knocking! I found it truly amazing that such a basic (nay, primitive even!) concept can get you past even the most troubling of tech issues (the local Apple didn’t tell me to knock on it to get it working, that’s for sure).

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